What Is a Cooperative Preschool?


Cathedral Park Preschool is a member of Parent Child Preschools Organization (PCPO).

Cooperative preschools are able to provide quality preschool programming at a reduced cost because of parent participation in the cooperative. As members of the cooperative, we are the caregivers, administrators, and classroom assistants in the program. This allows us to be involved in the shaping and support of our children’s preschool experience. Consequently, a cooperative preschool requires more involvement and time from families than other preschool alternatives. Below is a list of requirements of family involvement.

Parent Helping

We maintain our excellent child to adult ratio and high quality program through parent helping. While you help in the classroom, you get an opportunity to observe your child’s learning progress and interaction with peers and other adults.

Parent helpers assist the teacher with activities and clean up at the end of class. Depending on which class your child attends (two day or three day), parent helping averages about two to four times each month.

Parents (as well as grandparents, caregivers, and other people important to your child) are always welcome in the classroom and are warmly encouraged to contribute their talents and ideas to the classroom.

Parent Jobs

Each family holds a parent job throughout the year. This could range from keeping a closet clean to organizing parties for special occasions. Our Job Coordinator makes a special effort to pair families with jobs that best complement their interests and skills.

Parent Education

The parents gather three to five times a year for meetings that are usually a combination of business, socializing, and parent education (such as speakers or discussion). Childcare is provided in the classroom.


Because our low tuition covers only basic operating costs, we fundraise so that we can provide new toys, art supplies, field trips, and classroom parties for the kids in the preschool. Parents help maintain low tuition by participating in  fundraisers throughout the year. We have some exciting goals this year and are looking forward to making our school even better. Thank you for helping us help the kids!