Our Goals


Cathedral Park Preschool is certified as an Eco-Healthy Preschool by the Children’s Environmental Health Network. By upholding environmental safety standards at the preschool, we take an active role in protecting the heatlh and well-being of all the kids at the school.

Among other efforts, we use safe, non-toxic cleaning products, natural pest prevention methods (no pesticides!), and non-toxic art supplies; and take steps to avoid children’s exposure to lead and other toxins. We also do our part to reduce, reuse, and recycle, and encourage the use of reusable bottles and towels.

The board and teacher make conscious decisions on purchases with regards to our carbon footprint in addition to the safety and well being of children at the school.
We use cleaning supplies that allow children to help with the process of wiping down tables or Windows.

For more information on what it means to be an eco-heatlhy child care center, visit the Children’s Environmental Health Network website.

As a Parent/Child Preschool of Oregon, we provide an environment where parents and children learn and grow together through play. We offer a social learning environment by providing hands on art activities, music, literature, language and free play.

Our preschool’s goal is to:

  • Enhance each child’s self-image and concept of self-worth
  • Prepare a child for a successful transition into primary school
  • Help parents improve their own parenting skills and to increase their self-understanding

Learn through Play

Play is a child’s work.  Young children learn from play. They learn everything they need to know to function in the world. Their play is quite purposeful and is not as random as it may seem to appear.

Play is:

  • Critical to all aspects of a child’s development
  •  Often overlooked by parents as a valuable tool
  • A preventive measure to discipline problems
  • Offers a natural way for a child to learn
  • Essential in forming a positive relationship between parent and child

When I play with letter games, I’m learning:

  • To recognize and name upper and lower case letters
  • To associate letters with the sounds they represent
  • To recognize my name and certain words

When I paint or draw, I’m learning:

  • To hold a pencil or other drawing implements and control the pressure
  • Eye-hand coordination
  • To exercise my creativity and imagination
  • That my ideas have value
  • The concepts of color, shape, size and location
  • To express myself with words to describe my drawing

When I sort things, I’m learning:

  • To notice details, likenesses and differences of objects while forming categories
  • The concepts of color, size and shape
  • The concepts of more and less
  • Logical reasoning