Meet the Board

President: Kirsten Kippen

Kirsten serves as the CPP President, a role that includes coordinating communication between the board and school and acting as a
consultant when necessary. Kirsten lives with her husband Colin, daughter Eliza (senior class), daughter Matilda (age 1), and border collie Maya in the University Park neighborhood. Kirsten attended a co-op preschool in Alaska herself and loves the lifelong community that co-ops bring.

Vice President: Daniello Bristow

Danielle is the Vice President at CPP. Her roles include maintaining our eco-friendly “green” certification and coordinating our insurance. Her family lives in the Overlook neighborhood and includes her daughter Evelyn (currently in the senior class), her husband Daniel, and sons Hans (age 1) and Silas (2nd grade). Danielle loves CPP because of the confidence and joy it has given her daughter, while also providing their family with a meaningful way to connect with other NoPo families.

Treasurer: Chris Olinger


Secretary:  Kathleen Gamboa


Membership Coordinator:  Larissa Smith


Fundraising Coordinator: Oceana Seer


Senior Class Representative: Hawkins Wright


Jr. Class Representative: