Meet the Board

You can think about red. You can think about pink.  You can think of a secretary named Julia. Oh, the THINKS you can think!

Julia Koch is the current secretary of the preschool board.  She works part time as a nurse and full time as a mom.  Her seven-year-old is currently a student at Astor Elementary but spent two years at Cathedral Park Preschool, where Julia held several positions on the board.  Building community is an important value in Julia’s family, and the community they built while at CPP was so valuable that she is committed to helping it flourish for many families in the future. Julia lives with her family in the University Park neighborhood, where you might see them around smelling flowers and petting all the dogs. Favorite vegetable: Romaine lettuce (Caesar salad all day).

Horn went “Beep!” Engine purred. Friendliest treasurer you ever heard.

Alison Warren is the mom of two alumni and is currently serving as the Cathedral Park Preschool Treasurer. She also works as the Member Services Coordinator for Parent Child Preschools Organization where she provides resources and support to cooperative preschools in Oregon and Washington. Alison loves going for walks or runs in the neighborhood and is always excited to run into CPP families. When she is not working, volunteering, or watching her kids play sports, Alison loves to get outside with her family to hike, ski, or go backpacking! Favorite fruit: Raspberries from the garden.

In the great green room, there was a telephone and a red balloon and a picture of President Elizabeth.

Not to be confused with “Teacher Elizabeth”, Elizabeth Consani is the current preschool president and her day job is working for Multnomah County. She is mom of two alumni students (who are now in their late teens) and she no longer drives a mini-van or keeps kid-friendly snacks stashed in her purse. She has held many positions on the preschool’s board and in many capacities of parent organizations at PPS where her kids attended school. She is passionate about the needs of children and their families and is the guiding principle for the decisions made at Cathedral Park Preschool. In addition to her family, her loves are community, art, and our planet.  Favorite food: “I really can’t get enough beets right now.” 

If you give a mouse a cookie, he’s going to ask for a glass of milk. If you send an email to Cathedral Park, you’re going to hear from Susan.

Susan Lopez is our membership coordinator. She is the mother of two school-age children and spent five years as a parent at Cathedral Park Preschool while holding various positions on the board. She is grateful for the positive experiences her children and family had being part of a co-op preschool and is passionate about sharing the experience with others. In her spare time she enjoys playing outside with the kids, gardening in her yard, and learning any new crafts. Favorite pizza toppings: pineapple and jalapenos